2D Roguelike – Scavengers

2D Roguelike – Scavengers

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2DRoguelike_ProjectHeader‘Scavengers’ is a Unity Tutorial series by Matt Schell with art by me. I’d never made pixel art before so I really enjoyed working on this, even if it was only two days-worth of work! Matt had the idea for a ‘calorie-based’ survival game so the idea of a scavenger surviving in a post-apocalypse was quickly reached. Somehow, for a relatively cute art style, most of the influences I took were from such heartwarming cinema classics as ‘The Road’.





All the sprites are 32×32 tiles and use a custom 16-colour limited palette, with one slot saved for alpha transparency.


Below are some explorations I did for the characters and sprite tiles:


You can follow the tutorial below:


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