BBC – Horizon

BBC – Horizon

2011, TV & Film

I led a small team in the creation of graphics for this BBC Horizon special. Recent scientific discoveries had led to a theory that at the center of the earth were a mass of enormous magnetic crystals, formed from the immense pressure and superheated material in the planet’s core.



BBC Horizon - The Core - 50s style diagram
We initially created a series of retro science-fiction and 50’s movies inspired animations to marry up with the bizarre and outlandish science involved that was happening right under our feet. This eventually evolved into the slicker, cleaner, and more abstract final look, complete with much more realistic depictions of what is happening at the core. This included a render-farm-destroying, earth shattering, world-rockin’ two minute long photorealistic dive through the earth’s layers to reach the core itself.



You can read a little more about the science parts on the BBC here.

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