BBC – Outcasts

BBC – Outcasts

2011, TV & Film

A huge show, with far more VFX work in it than many might realise, I was pulled on to work on such critical shots as ‘guns bouncing down mountain’, ‘pitch black view of city with no lights on’, and the pivotal ‘Jamie Bamber of Battlestar Galactica fame walking down a corridor’. For this legendary shot I had but 24 hours to model, prep and light, so that Mr Bamber, with the heaviest of sighs and tiniest adjustment of his rucksack, could kick off the pivotal events which drive at least the next 45 minutes of the show.

As part of the pitching process and preproduction on the show, I worked with Dan Barker on this robotic security dude to keep the colonists in line. Although we had an incredibly intricate properly modelled working interior structure built and rigged, this guy never actually made into the show.

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