Creator Kit – FPS

Creator Kit – FPS


During the research I conducted when creating the briefs for the Creator Kits beginner teaching products, I realised we’d need a First Person Shooter tutorial. One of the trickiest things to navigate when making our tutorials, however, is their usage in schools around the world, so I knew we’d have to come up with a clever way to avoid guns and violence.

Taking inspiration from some classic sci-fi premises, we settled on the idea of a miniaturised doctor who used medical ‘dispensers’ to clean germs and viruses from inside a human body. The concept let us have a lot of fun, as we needed to find ways to avoid creating body-horror whilst keep it cheery and engaging. Other than directing the project, I created the medicine dispensers, worked on shaders as well as all lighting and post-processing.


Concepts and other assets by Lucy Bourn, animations by Stefano Guglielmana and shaders by Simon Wittber.



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