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Experience Unity


This challenging WebGL project was put together in just a few days, where I handled direction, lighting, shaders, scene setup, parts of the interaction code, as well as wrangling the enormous CAD and video files assets to be able to run in WebGL. The project contains full examples of Unity content – a 2D platformer game, a car configurator, training, a full short film as well as the architectural examples. A lot to squeeze into 100mb!

We wanted to find something representative of the many verticals that Unity offers users and opted for a homely, photorealistic room – introducing different vertical sub-projects through objects placed in the scene.

As we were unable to use copyrighted material, I had to perform huge optimisations to get our only available multi-million polygon car and computer parts to load quickly and cleanly in a tiny web app, which was a novel challenge! We published both to Unity Play and itch.io.


Overall, other than some general WebGL quirks we were unable to iron out, I think it gives a nice introduction for consumers to the Unity product!

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