ITV – Election 2010

ITV – Election 2010

2010 – TV & Film

ITV’s Election Night coverage shunned the now traditional swingometers and bar charts in favour of taking the highbrow approach of ‘Spitting Image’ style caricatures.

We modelled and animated several Prime Ministers of past and present, all to be displayed as ‘holograms’ within the ITV News virtual set.  At this point, nobody really knew who Nick Clegg was, so Andrew Eadington had to step up to the plate to sketch out what may well have been the Deputy Prime Minister’s first ever caricature.

I modelled Mr. Brown and the Heath, and textured, lit and composited all the rest, including the two ‘Winning Podium’ animations for the Labour and Conservative parties, which sadly never aired due to nobody technically winning the election. We were given strict instructions not to make a winning animation for Nick Clegg.


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