Unity – Standard Assets

Unity – Standard Assets

3d, Games

Unity’s Standard Assets are best-practice example scenes, scripts and utilities to help people get jump-started with game development.

I worked on both the Unity 4.6 and Unity 5 Standard Assets packages, where I covered modelling (the modular aircraft and the bulk of the simple environment prototype sets), rigging and avatar setup (Ethan the Cyberkid for the Third Person Controller) as well as various level design, layout, code organisation of Image Effects and tons of QA and testing


As we needed the Plane controller to be as universally useful as possible, we realised we’d need something modular to keep file sizes down. The team had already established a retro sci-fi vibe, so we opted for a look that felt futuristic but still grounded in 60s or 70s design.

Here’s a few shots of the initial designs and 3d prototypes as well as some shots of the original 4.6 textured plane.

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