Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier

2010, Music Video



“People have been complaining about the lack of blockbusters in cinemas this summer. The day has now been saved. By Iron Maiden. They’ve made an action movie that swoops in, kicks ass and gets out again, compressing explosions, aliens and high-speed chases into a mere five and a bit minutes. James Cameron cannot even pretend to compete.”
The Guardian

Back in mid 2010 I was a Lead Artist on this music video for Iron Maiden’s latest single, directed by Nick Scott and the fine folks at Darkside. The whole thing was put together within an 8 week turnaround, with the bulk of the CG done in the last 4 weeks.

I modelled, lit, comped and animated on this one, including; leading the modelling and texturing of the digital double for the spacedude, building the back-end of the hero’s ship, scene layouts and builds for Eddie’s ship interior, hero’s ship interior, and the exterior clifftop shots. I also carried out animation, lighting and comping on the bulk of the space shots and dogfight sequences at the start, and did the layout, lighting and comping for most of the end sequence – from the hero’s ship interior reprise to right before the cut to the big planet explosion.

Here’s some Hollywood Insider style behind-the-scenes stuff of just a couple of the shots I worked on for Newtek’s 2010 Siggraph show;

Produced by: Darkside Animation & Nick Scott Studios
Director: Andrew Bishop & Nick Scott
Producer: Simon Percy
VFX Supervisors: Mark Dodwell, Simon Percy
Exec Producer: Keith Reeves, Stuart Wright, Simon Moorhead
Script: Dirk Maggs
Editor: Marina Theodotou
Live action Producer : Dan Verrier
Live action Production Manager: James Harris
Live action Director of Photography: Felix Weidemann
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Concept & Storyboard Artists: Andrew Eadington, Richard Albon
Compositors: Garry Brown, Greg Cox, Ajanta Ghosh, Lucy Hare, Peet Lee, Simon Percy, Caroline Phasey, Nick Scott, Kirk Smith, Terry Wu
Character Modelers: Peet Lee & Michael Rollinson
Character Technical Director: Vegard Myklebust
Character Animators: Garry Brown, Lucy Hare, Mandy Mok, Fredrik Lindbom, Vegard Myklebust, Jon Noorlander, Toby Winder, Michael Rollinson,
Lighting & Render artists: Ben Beckett, Mark Dodwell, Greg Cox, Peet Lee, Simon Percy, Terry Wu
Matte Painting: Richard Albon
Object & Effects Animators: Ben Beckett, Andrew Bishop, Greg Cox, Mark Dodwell, Peet Lee, Simon Percy, Michael Rollinson, Kirk Smith
Shading & Texture Artists: Dan Barker, Andrew Eadington, Peet Lee, Vegard Myklebust, Caroline Phasey, Michael Rollinson, Lies Veldeman, Terry Wu
Set & Prop Modelers: Ben Beckett, Dan Barker, Garry Brown, Mark Dodwell, Peet Lee, Michael Rollinson, Kirk Smith, Lies Veldeman
Sound FX: Clifford Reeves
Trackers: Ajanta Ghosh, Toby Winder

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