2012, iOS Game


I worked as Lead Modeller on Moops, an iOS ‘splatformer’ game that come out in mid-2012, where I oversaw all the character models and textures as well as costumes, weapons, animatable props and modelling and texturing of one of the mini-game levels. I also made the trailer video above, including editing in the sounds and music, mostly using the brilliant library created for the game by Euphonious. The project started for me way back in 2010 when I sketched out the two main characters for an unrelated pitch which eventually spiralled into the company’s first game.

By the end of the project I was churning out characters (such as the NPC’s) in a little over 3 hours from concept to final texture. Here’s some of the characters I built; you can see some of the weapons, props and environments I worked on in the trailer video above. Most of the concept and design work for the following was by the demented yet brilliant Andrew Eadington, the rest by myself.

All work is property of Darkside Animation/Red Radiant 2012

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