Penny Pixel

Penny Pixel

Games, 2D

Penny Pixel was built to kick off a new 2D tutorial series which sadly never came to be for various bandwidth issues. I wanted to create something fun, memorable and iconic with a classic platform adventuring feel. I hit upon the mascot character, called Penny Pixel –  a little girl out adventuring with her canine best friend safely tucked in her backpack. I’m a big fan of reserving ‘special colours’ for characters and important items so I went for an vibrant, poppy colour scheme, using the bright pink of her hair to make her readable anywhere on screen.

I made a whole pile of static, tileable, and animated assets for this project, a small selection of which are below.






Whilst Penny was never officially released, she’s appeared in multiple blogs and conference talks to show off 2D features and Visual Scripting. You can watch some runthroughs of the early development in various broken states below!

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