Unaired Pilot

Unaired Pilot

2012, Animation

I ran the tiny art team on this quick turnaround test pilot. This was commissioned by a government agency but later deemed too political for its climate change content!

I worked on initial ideation, lead character modeling, textures and blendshapes, as well as handled all of the lighting for over 100 shots. I also developed all shaders and a custom render-to-compositing pipeline, getting the renders down to a second-per-frame and then magically sent into After Effects to automatically composite all the render buffers and vfx passes.

You can see an audio-less, unfinished, missing shots, lacking vfx version of the show below:

And here’s a bunch of rando stills from the pilot:


For concepts, I did a bunch of very early rapid thumbnailing, some of which ended up being carried through to final design by the concept artists:

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