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UnityLabs-CouchUnity Labs is an in-progress project built to test Unity 5’s new PBR Standard Shader and Enlighten GI as well as serve as a testbed for upcoming developments in Image Effects and Rendering Features.

I worked mainly on Dr Charles, handling retopology, rigging fixes and reskinning, and the now infamous reclined pose for the marketing stills. I also worked for a short time on carpeting, flooring for the gym, speakers and the EQ in the Listening Chamber, as well as making all the dressing props and adding human touches to the rest of the level. Way back at the beginning of the project I built multiple assets for prototyping and exploring the PBR pipeline with the new Standard Shader. Future updates should show off Dr Charles fully rerigged, along with new mocap, new characters and much more.

Here’s some closer views of some of the assets I added in the final stages of the project, including Mopbot, various panelling, floors, posters and small props:


Here’s a fancy updated version we made as Unity 5’s new graphics tools matured:


I also hand-animated the 3 minute long looping camera fly-through of the environment, showcased in the tech-talk video below (where you can also see the back of my head at 3:05)

I’m really happy to have played a small part in the creation of such a fun and unique game character as Dr Charles, especially after the great international reception he received. There’s lots of crazy merchandising and fan art, some of which I’ve grabbed off the internet below:


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