2015 – Game, Tutorial

TANKS!TANKS! is the Unite 2015 Training Day project that I made with James Bouckley, who handled all the programming whilst I was on Art duties.Tank

This was another quick turnaround game, where I prototyped all the assets in a little under two days. There’s no textures at all in game, everything is pure geometry, lighting, and effects.

I was originally planning on up-res’ing all the assets and going to town with some painterly textures but we grew attached to the super-simple, totally texture-free assets – especially when we received feedback that it showed that you don’t always need complex art assets to put together something that’s still quite visually appealing.

The project was designed to be easily extensible and work on as many platforms as possible, with the first extension being a networked multiplayer version shown at Unite Boston made by Guillaume Saby. For this version I created a reskinned lobby and matchmaker as well as new UI elements.



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